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Art to Fight Crime

A Virtual Gallery from all over the World

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UNICRI is pleased to present the on-line Art to Fight Crime exhibition, intended to illustrate some cross-cultural representations and awareness campaigns of several types of crimes. These crimes include counterfeiting, trafficking in persons, juvenile delinquency, money laundering, corruption, cybercrime, and environmental crime.

UNICRI has chosen this exhibition because we are convinced that creativity can transform individuals’ minds and bring different perspectives. ART is a universal language itself. Despite of different ages, sexes, races, and cultures, ART can reach all of us in different ways and can become a precious tool to meet different approaches and to find common solutions.

UNICRI has gathered images and short-clip videos, thanks to various organizations that were willing to do pro bonos for us. The on-line gallery is just in its first phase, we would also be pleased to receive new material from you.

View on-line gallery