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The Women in Chemistry Network

The Women in Chemistry Network

In today’s globally interconnected, technologically advanced society, science (and Chemistry as a sub-discipline) is fundamental to our daily life. While women continue to play an increasingly important role in the chemical sciences, they are still underrepresented in many important chemical safety and security functions.

To address this gap, amplify women’s voices and promote opportunities to increase their engagement in this field, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and UNICRI have developed the Women in Chemistry network: an expert network in which women in chemical safety and security can share their expertise. So far, over 150 women from 60 countries have joined the network.

Objectives & activities

One of the first outputs of the Women in Chemistry network has been the Compendium on “Engagement and Advancement of Women in Chemical Safety and Security”. The Compendium —produced by UNICRI with the support of OPCW and the generous funding of the European Commission— aims to provide policymakers and practitioners in the field of chemistry with guidance to promote gender inclusivity in the chemical safety and security sector through the identification of best practices in recruiting, training and promoting gender-inclusive careers. To analyse the accessibility of chemical safety and security careers for women and produce the Compendium, UNICRI carried out quantitative and qualitative research through the Women in Chemistry network.

The Compendium is part of the Women in Chemistry Project, funded by the European Union and led by OPCW. It builds upon the achievements of the annual symposium on Women in Chemistry implemented by OPCW since 2016. Through a series of seminars, presentations and question and answer sessions, these symposia highlight contributions made by women in the field of peaceful chemistry; raise awareness of education and capacity development opportunities for women in peaceful chemistry; and promote international solidarity and cooperation.

UNICRI and the OPCW will continue to leverage on the newly established “Women in Chemistry” network by connecting members with career progression opportunities and by providing a regular platform for discussions and exchange of knowledge and expertise on chemical safety and security.

Further information

For more information on the Women in Chemistry Symposium, please see:


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