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COVID-19 clinical case management and infection detection and control interregional webinar: South East and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia


Within the framework of the EU CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative (EUCBRN CoE), the Regional Secretariat for South East and Eastern Europe (SEEE) and the Regional Secretariat for Central Asia (CA) have conducted the second online interregional webinar titled “COVID-19 Clinical Case Management and Infection Detection and Control” on 16 September 2020.

The webinar was opened by the Heads of Regional Secretariats Ms. Mari Lursmanashvili (SEEE) and Mr. Bakhtiyor Gulyamov (CA), and by Ms. Margarida Goulart from the Joint Research Center of the European Commission (JRC).

Three distinguished experts were invited to speak about clinical case management and infection detection and control: Dr. Fortunato D’ancona from the Infectious Diseases Department of the Italian National Health Institute (ISS); Dr. Nigora Tadjieva from Tashkent Medical Academy Department of Infectious and Childhood Infectious Diseases in Uzbekistan; and Dr. Ivancho Naletoski, Division for Nuclear Applications in Food and Agriculture, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, International Atomic Energy Agency ((IAEA).

The experts shared knowledge on national healthcare responses to COVID-19 in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Italy; dynamics of COVID-19 incidence; statistics of mortality and recovery of patients infected in the countries; as well as joint efforts undertaken by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in supporting Member States in the early detection of COVID-19 infections.

During the webinar, participants gained valuable insights and knowledge clinical case management; interim clinical guidelines for the management of patients; algorithm of making decisions on hospitalization of patients with suspected COVID-19; as well as diagnostic and treatment of patients with confirmed COVID-19. They also learned about genome sequencing techniques applied in the FAO/IAEA support framework, and about the new initiative ZODIAC launched by the IAEA to help countries in preventing pandemics caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi or viruses that originate in animals and can be transmitted to humans.

More than 60 participants took part in the webinar, including National Focal Points from South East and Eastern Europe, and the Central Asia regions; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) national experts; representatives of relevant ministries and agencies and representatives of the European Commission and UNICRI. All participants commended and welcomed the relevance and content of the webinar, and expressed their willingness to participate in future events. A similar inter-regional webinar dedicated to “COVID-19 Case and Contact Management” was organized on 29 July 2020.

The inter-regional virtual webinars are conducted with simultaneous English-Russian interpretation supported within the framework of the EU CBRN CoE Project 53.